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Mete Soner
SFI Senior Chair (since January 2010)
ETH Zurich

+41 44 632 27 55

Halil Mete Soner has held an SFI Senior Chair at ETH Zurich since January 2010. Prof. Soner has published extensively in his areas of expertise and is a regular speaker at leading academic conferences worldwide.

Research Interests
His primary research interest lies in mathematical finance and stochastic optimal control.  In particular, models for illiquid markets,analysis of markets with transaction costs, robust techniques and applications of optimal control in corporate finance.

Recent Research
In recent research, Prof. Soner and his co-authors study the specific impact of macroeconomic changes on firms’ dividend policies in the extreme case where a firms’ profitability is constant over time, but evolves in a stochastic macroeconomic environment (i.e. interest rates and issuance costs change over time). Results show that firms tend to distribute more dividends when interest rates are high and less when issuing costs are low. The researchers' paper also suggests that firms do not wait until the last moment to issue new equity; it is more effective to raise new equity in good times when additional cash is not immediately needed, than to wait for a recession and risk a forced closure.


SFI Lunch & Learn Informationsveranstaltung, Zürich  

SFI Frühstück Seminar mit Prof. Tobias Straumann
Thema: Träume und Schäume: Zukunftsszenarien für den Finanzplatz Schweiz.

SFI Evening Seminar with Prof. Jean-Pierre Danthine
Topic: Swiss Monetary Policy Facts ... and Fictions

19.05.2015 / 20.05.2015
SFI Evening Seminar with Duncan Innes-Ker in Zurich
SFI Lunch Seminar with Duncan Innes-Ker in Geneva
Topic: ASEAN economic community, what will it mean for the finance sector?

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