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The SFI International Wealth Management Retreat 2016 focuses on the challenge of how Wealth and Asset Management relate to each other. Is there convergence or not? And what are drivers for  performance and innovation in this context?

The retreat functions as a platform for senior executives who want to better understand how to shape their business and who want to test their views against research findings and the experience of their peers.

The retreat targets senior executives, enabling them to:

• understand the strategic, organizational, and individual aspects of anticipating new opportunities in wealth and asset management;

• discuss specific ideas and emerging best practices with top researchers, industry leaders, and distinguished peers from around the world;

• strengthen their network within an open and friendly challenging environment


The retreat provides a framework within which participants are able to openly address key issues faced in wealth management. Methods and tools specific to managing assets and wealth, and based on world class research and empirical evidence, are presented within this frame- work. CEOs and the most senior executives and board members put these concepts into the contexts of the market and institutional culture. Challenging discussions then add to the individual experience of each participant so that true insights can be developed. The different formats of sessions are all finely tuned to achieve a maximum of mutual learning.

The retreat is conducted in English.

For detailed information, please download the flyer or contact Program Manager Romina De Martin directly


Lunch & Learn @ SFI, Zürich
Informationsveranstaltung zu Weiterbildungsangebot

SFI Abend Seminar mit Dr. Jörg Osterrieder, Zurich
Thema: Algorithmischer Handel - ein Überblick aus der Sicht der Praxis

SFI Breakfast Seminar with Dr. Jörg Osterrieder, Zurich
Thema: Algorithmic Trading - The Rise of the Machines

11th Annual Meeting, Zurich
Topic: Sustainable Finance Moving Center Stage

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Asset Management Study Switzerland by zeb und SFI. Asset Management in Switzerland faces huge challenges.

Swiss Finance Institute has attributed its Outstanding Paper Award to “The Impact of Treasury Supply on Financial Sector Lending and Stability”, a research paper by Arvind Krishnamurthy of Stanford University and Annette Vissing-Jorgensen of the University of California Berkeley that studies how government debt crowds out financial sector short-term debt.
Press Release

Swiss Finance Institute publishes the first comprehensive Swiss study on structured products. The most recent SFI White Paper sheds light on the performance, costs, and investments of structured products.
English version, German version, French version, Italian version

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